If you haven't watched any of these yet, trust me when I say you want to catch up before 2018 arrives.

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A lot of you have complimented me on my videos this year, and firstly I want to thank you for that! I like to be silly and not take things so seriously... oh, and I sometimes over-exaggerate things, BUT, it's all in good fun.

Let's take a look at my seven best 2017 video moments.

  • 1

    'Whine Time' is introduced.

    This is the episode that started it all! Who knew the Wicked Moose would be responsible for a full-blown series!

  • 2

    Flubbing the first pitch.

  • 3

    Sharing a medical story.

    This one was hard to spit out, but I felt like it was important to do. You guys were so supportive of it! Thank you!

  • 4

    A closet tour.

    Ever wondered what's in my closet? Now you know!

  • 5

    Running over my phone.

    Yep, I really did this! All in the name of radio, right?

  • 6

    Giving dogs treats.

    These pooches weren't so into the treats I chose! I'll have to try again this summer!

  • 7

    Sharing a mental health story.

    This may have been the most important video I made this year. I wanted all of you to know that you're definitely not alone in the struggle to maintain mental health.

    I received treatment this spring, and continue to.

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