This upcoming election will be different than any other we have experienced because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Minnesota typically ranks near the top when it comes to voter turnout and officials aren't expecting that to change. The biggest change this year will be how people vote. A record number of mail-in votes is expected.

Because many people will be voting absentee for the very first time Olmsted County has released a video that explains exactly what happens to your ballot when you vote this way. You can watch the video below. A press release from the county explains the  video features Olmsted County Elections Manager Katie Smith sharing "what the Olmsted County Elections team does with each absentee ballot that comes in, how Olmsted County works to ensure every absentee ballot is counted, and how the team keeps election security at the forefront."

If you are voting by mail you can track your ballot on the Minnesota Secretary of State website. For more information about the upcoming election visit the Olmsted County website.

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