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He might have just been named the President-elect by several major news organizations but when Joe Biden was campaigning here he took time to call a Rochester TV anchor's mom.

It's always interesting to me to see some of the behind-the-scenes goings-on about things or people that make the national news. Like when someone from Rochester appears on a national TV show. For instance, a few years ago, after Rochester's Roo Yori appeared on American Ninja Warrior, he dropped by the station to talk about what it was like-- and how that show is mainly taped starting in the evening and then continuing into the overnight hours (which is why it's always dark!)

Or this video that Rochester's George Mallet posted on his Twitter page a few days ago. George is an anchor at KIMT-3 here in the Med City and had the chance to interview Joe Biden when he was campaigning in Iowa last year and hadn't yet secured the Democratic nomination for president.

The video is interesting to me because they're NOT discussing politics, the presidential election or anything political at all. In fact, it's just a quick :39 seconds of Biden talking to George's mom, who was turning 90. As George's Twitter post noted, both he and Biden are from Delaware and when Biden found that out-- and that it was George's mom's birthday-- he had George place a call so he could talk to her and wish her a happy birthday. As George noted, in part, 'You can dislike everything ⁦about him politically... but the man has humanity in abundance.' You can check it out below. 

And, speaking of some behind-the-scenes views, we'd heard last week how Blake Shelton and fellow judge on 'The Voice,' Gwen Stefani, are engaged, right? Well, keep scrolling to see what the multi-million dollar mansion where they've been spending time together during our ongoing coronavirus pandemic looks like!

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