It was just a normal Wednesday, and then Curt St. John had other plans...

You guys have seen Whine Time! by now, right? Every week, Val and Samm "whine" while sipping their favorite beverage. This week, things did not go as planned. Watch.

THANK A LOT, ST. JOHN!!! Now that Val and Samm have recovered from their minor heart attacks, let's assess the situation.

They were minding their own business, when Curt just had to bust in! If the fact that Val spilled nearly her entire glass of wine doesn't tell you this - yes, this really and truly was an unplanned event. WE DID NOT SEE CURT COMING! *insert "Jaws" theme*

We need a way to get him back, and we hope you'll help us come up with a plan, Quick Country. What should Val and Samm do to get Curt back?

In the meantime, catch up on some recent Whine Time episodes below! See you next Wednesday!

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