We all have them. What are yours?

During this week's edition of Whine Time, Samm and Val decided to let you guys choose our topic. We love you for taking part in this! Thank you for your answers. Without a doubt, you guys wanted to talk about driving pet peeves this week. Take a look!

Yep! The driving struggle is real in Rochester. We decided to add our own flavor to this particular episode too.

Do you agree with the driving things that we find annoying in Rochester?

Seriously - we can stand delayed stop lights, those who can't/won't merge and people failing to use their blinkers.... CAN WE NOT!?

UGH! If you do any of these things, we figure you might not be from Rochester. One of our theories is that people in town purely for Mayo Clinic might not be familiar with the area, so they are struggling when it comes to driving. Maybe??

Thanks for watching! Tune in next week!

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