Hint: A LOT of blushing!

First of all, I want to thank you guys for coming to see our buddy Dustin Bogue (and his friend Josh Keas!) last night at the Civic Theatre. He's super passionate about Make A Wish Minnesota, and we're all grateful that we raised awareness for their cause. I think those who attended can agree - IT WAS AMAZING!

Dustin performed original songs (which you can check out here), and even had some help from Josh Keas performing some amazing covers. Seriously, they were awesome! You missed fantastic renditions of: Neil Young's "Heart of Gold", Tom Petty's "American Girl", Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World", and some Merle Haggard, just to name a few!

They even rocked out "Ring Of Fire" purely because someone screamed for it. They delivered!

Now let's get to the "pantsless" business... In an "oops!" moment, I first met Dustin as he was still getting dressed for the stage! Yeah, I blushed and hid my face to show that I wasn't a total perv. Sorry bud! I guess you can say we're pretty close now! We even laughed about it over a beer.

Did you guys have fun at the show? Are you bummed you missed it?

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