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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Are you ready for a tornado? How about a drill that could help prepare you for a tornado?

Minnesotans are being encouraged to consider taking part in Thursday’s statewide tornado drills that are part of Severe Weather Awareness Week.

As has been the practice in past years, there will be two mock tornado warnings.

The first will occur at 1:45 pm and is intended for schools, businesses, and other institutions to practice their response to an actual weather emergency. Outdoor warning sirens statewide will be activated and simulated warnings will be broadcast by radio and TV stations.

The second simulated warning is scheduled at 6:45 PM and is meant for families as well as businesses that operate in the evening and nighttime hours to review plans to deal with a possible tornado.

The drill that was scheduled two years ago for Minnesota was called off because of an approaching blizzard.

News update:  Rochester experienced a police taser/gun incident nearly 20 years ago.

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