We've all been there ladies. Weddings have their moments. Which ones are the worst? We discuss in this week's Whine Time!

Last week, Samm put together a poll that went viral on Facebook. She asked you, "what's your least favorite thing about weddings?" You guys had A LOT of the same answers. Here were some of the responses...

  • The expense
  • Drunken guests/bridal party
  • The wait time between the ceremony and reception

Those were just the top three! Do you agree? We decided to make this our topic for Whine Time this week, and expand on our own wedding experiences. Full disclosure: we love our friends and family who attended our weddings, and thank you so much for coming to them, but WOW is the planning exhausting. For a lot of reasons!

Watch our stories here! Val had to start with some DayQuil first.

What should we "whine" about next week guys? What's on your mind? Let us know and tune in next week to see if we chose your topic! Thanks for watching!

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