If you spent any amount of time watching TV as a kid in the 90's, you know and love Nickelodeon's Rugrats. You also love a special dinosaur that they admired too.

We're talking about Reptar, a regular character/dinosaur in Rugrats throughout the duration of the show.

Reptar via Facebook
Reptar via Facebook

The baby gang was well known for loving this dinosaur, and they loved his chocolate bars even more - mainly because they had the cool effect of turning your tongue green. Phil, Lil, Tommy and Chucky couldn't get enough of them!

In an awesome bout of 90's nostalgia news, FYE has announced that they exclusively are selling "Reptar bars" made famous by Rugrats for this week only.

Hurry! These are guaranteed to sell out soon! There are two places that you can get your hands on Reptar bars in Minnesota.

On another nostalgic note, it was also announced that Reptar cereal (also featured in the show) is also on the way!

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