A typical first day of school for many kids begins and ends with a ride on the bus. For a group of 7 students from Champlin, their first day of school lasted an extra 3 hours! Police and parents are now asking where was the bus for those 3 hours, and why didn't the bus company say something to concerned parents, and for that matter the police. 

According to the Fox 9 report, the kids were supposed to be dropped off at 4:15 by the bus company. When there was no bus or kids, parents called the school which let the parents and guardians know that the buses may be running a little late.

When there was still no kids or bus an hour and 45 minutes later, after parents were told numerous times by the bus company Pride Transportation, that it would only be a few more minutes until their precious cargo arrived, one of the parents had finally had enough and called the Champlin police.

Champlin police attempted to call the bus company, and whoever was answering the phones hung up on the officer multiple times! So that leads to the cops showing up at the bus company, where employees there wouldn't help police in giving a location to where the missing bus with 7 students still on it was!

Three hours later the bus and students arrived at the bus stop, with the driver telling the parents that he "got lost".

What a nightmare for parents, and you've got to be wondering why would the school continue to use this company after an incident like this.

You can check out the complete story below.

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