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I've always been partial to blue, but what color car is actually the most popular here in Minnesota this year?

When it comes to car colors, my favorite has always been blue. I love the look of a deep, vibrant metallic blue paint job on a car, truck or SUV. (It's the color of the vehicle I currently drive, and it was also the color of the Oldsmobile Delta 88-- which was roughly the size of one of those big ships you see on Lake Superior in Duluth-- my dad owned when I took my driver's test way back when.)

But it turns out I'm in the minority on the whole blue car thing. A new survey from iSeeCars.com has just listed which color car is the most popular here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes in 2023. And it's not blue!

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According to the survey...  BLACK vehicles are once again the most popular here in the Bold North. In fact, 25 percent of all cars in the North Star State are black in color. Interestingly, while black vehicles also took the top spot last year as well, just two years ago, the exact opposite-- WHITE cars-- were the most popular in the Bold North with 24 percent. WHITE vehicles this year are second-most popular in the North Star State, while the color BLUE takes the top spot in the 'non-grey scale' category.

Black vehicles are the most popular color car in MN in 2022. (Canva)

WHITE vehicles also happen to be the Most Popular Color Car in the U.S. overall, as well. Meanwhile, you have to go down the list to number five to find my favorite, blue. Grey, silver, and blue round out the top five list when it comes to popular car colors in 2023 here in the Bold North according to iSeeCars.com.


  1. Black - 24%
  2. White - 23.6%
  3. Gray - 18.2%
  4. Silver - 10%
  5. Blue - 9.8%
  6. Red - 9/8%
  7. Brown - 1%
  8. Green - .9%
  9. Orange - .9%
  10. Beige - .6%
  11. Purple - .3%
  12. Gold - .2%
  13. Yellow - .1%

I am a little surprised that white came in at number one overall. I know that in some parts of the country, like in the desert southwest, white cars are popular because they reflect the sun's rays and will stay somewhat cooler during those really hot summer days.

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Maybe that's why BLACK vehicles are so popular here in Minnesota-- seeing as they soak up the sun more than white cars, we'll take any help staying warm through those long winter months, right?

Although, now that I think about it, while white isn't necessarily the popular color here in Minnesota, it IS the color just about every car becomes after all the snow and road salt gets splashed on them during the winter, am I right? And despite their color, keep scrolling to check out which classic car made its debut the year you were born too!

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