It's time to vote! I didn't take me long to learn that Curt St. John loves his cats as much as I love mine, but now, I'm calling him out!! Is Pantera cuter than Finn? Or vice versa? You decide! Vote below!

Pantera (left) and Finn (right)



You guys know Finn (he'll be back for his Pigskins Picks this football season by the way!), and now it's time to get to know my cat; Pantera.

She's five years old, and we took her in after my step sister developed an allergy to her in 2014. So, we've had her for a little over two years. Her name was Sophie, but my husband and I thought Pantera was better. This happened a week after our previous cat (who looks a lot like her by the way!) "Gatto" passed away very suddenly of heart failure. The vet said the issue was genetic, and would've hit him at any age. We adopted Gatto in Illinois only four months before he passed, but we felt that we gave him a lot of love and made his last months enjoyable.

When we heard Pantera needed a home a week later, I couldn't pass her up! We made the trip back to Pennsylvania, and brought her to Illinois. Now she's a Minnesota cat! What a life!