My wife last night was doing an online pickup order from Target ahead of our weekend camping trip. We usually grab a 12-pack of zero-sugar Sierra Mist for the weekend in the camper. She couldn't find it, so she picked a different lemon-lime pop (or soda for those not from Minnesota). I asked her what it was called and she said it was Starry something.

Then I had a flashback to just the other day when I was at the bowling alley and I saw the label for Starry on the soda fountain. I remember thinking that must be an off-brand I'd never heard of.

A quick search revealed what had happened. Pepsi has killed off our favorite Sierra Mist. It's been around since 1999, and a 24-year run is now at the end.

Pepsi has replaced it with Starry and Starry Zero sugar.

Starry YouTube
Starry YouTube

Starry even has its own YouTube channel already. Lots of people on social media are complaining. Others are asking if this is just Sierra Mist with a different branding.

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If you go to Ebay, you can see that people are selling unopened bottles of Sierra Mist for up to $5 a bottle. At this point, it may be a collector item.

So what do people think about the new lemon-lime product from PepsiCo?  Starry says it's refreshing and "hits different." How different can it be? Most lemon-lime sodas taste the same to me, so I'm not too worried. I just wasn't sure what the heck we were buying.

Most people don't notice a difference between the new Starry vs the discontinued Sierra Mist.

Some people, like this guy wearing a toilet rug, thought it has more lime flavor. Hmm?

Curbside2go tried it out for us, and he describes it as a mix between Mt. Dew and Sprite.

So what do you think? Do you like the new Starry? Or do you miss your Sierra Mist?

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