I'm guilty of it and, chances are, so you are. We do it when we post certain pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But... why do we do it?!?

I'm talking about blurring out the license plate of your car when you post it online. It usually goes like this: Maybe you've taken a really cool pic of you and your kids. Maybe it's when you were all outside during our lovely winter here in Minnesota, and you're standing by your car.

Before you post that pic, complete with your Minnesota-issued license plate, if you're like me, you'll head to Photoshop to blur things out so we can't read the numbers on your plate, right? Hey, I've done it. I've seen a ton of other people do it too.

But... why?!? I mean, your vehicle's license plate is out there, on display, in public, anytime you take your car anywhere. Heading to Target? Your plate is out there. Parking in the ramp downtown? Your plate is still out there.

So why do we freak out when we post a picture of our license plates online?!? It's not like there's some online Google database that allows you to input somebody's license plate and then access their information, right?

I get that we want to protect our identities and keep things like our address, our drivers' license, credit card, and other sensitive information from being posted online-- I mean, we don't drive around with our drivers' license numbers posted on our cars.

But our license plates are already public info. So what's with all the blurring out?

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