If anyone can explain this, please do...

Samm Adams and Val were discussing hairstylists the other day, and it turns out that they had the same thought - IT COSTS SO MUCH MONEY TO BE A WOMAN IN AMERICA!!

Think about it.... according to this website, the average American woman spends $44 per haircut. That's without the tip! You can't forget a tip either, if you want to be welcomed in that salon again.

You're also expecting to spend about $20 per manicure anymore, and that's just for basic french tips. Let's say you maintain your cute manicure every two weeks... that's quickly going to add up.

I'm just being real for a minute.

We know how you feel. We know the struggle is real. Let's console each other and watch this video below, okay?

Yep, we definitely feel better. Do you?

What aspect of beauty do you wished you saved your money on? Or, what do you wish you could do more often?


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