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Few things ruin a good time outdoors in the summer in Minnesota more than getting all bitten up by mosquitoes. Here's why they might like you better-- and how you can keep them away.

Growing up over in Wisconsin, we always said that the state bird wasn't the robin, it was the mosquito. Because they seemed to be EVERYWHERE back in my hometown of Wausau. It's much the same here in southeast Minnesota, where our state bird isn't really the loon, it's also the mosquito, right? And, we also have gnats and flies to deal with as well.

If you're one of those people who always seem to attract those annoying 'skeeters, here might be why. According to this PR Newswire story, there are a variety of things that make those buggers bite you more than others:

Things like having a higher body temperature (which can sometimes be affected by spicy food you might have eaten), if you're exercising or breathing heavy (they're attracting to the carbon dioxide in our breath when we exhale), if you're having a drink (they're sometimes attracted to ethanol content present in your sweat if you're drinking alcohol), or even if you're wearing dark-colored clothes (they're attracted to colors like reds, blacks and blues.)

So what can you do to try keep those buggers away from you? Well, the story says, stick to lighter colors like whites and tans. Cover exposed skin by wearing long-sleeve shirts and pants (which isn't too realistic when it's hot and humid here in Minnesota, right?) It also says using an oscillating fan on your deck or patio can help keep the air moving and reduce your carbon dioxide footprint. And, of course, wear mosquito repellant. (And you can get more tips HERE.)

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