Seeing as I'm a Wisconsin native who loves his home state beverages, I was excited to read about a this Badgerland brewery expanding here in Minnesota. But it's probably not the one you were thinking.

One of the most popular beers Wisconsin is known for these days is the New Glarus Brewery and its Spotted Cow ale. Making it even more popular is the fact that you can only get Spotted Cow (and any New Glarus beer, for that matter) back in Wisconsin. (Remember when this Minnesota bar got in trouble for selling Spotted Cow here?!?)

So when I read that a Wisconsin brewery was expanding here to Minnesota, I thought, "Finally!" But, no, it's not Spotted Cow that's being rolled out here in the Bold North.

This Go-MN story has the details: "It's actually a beer out of Milwaukee, called City Lights Brewing Co., which announced at the start of February that it's expanding its market to Minnesota and Illinois," the story noted.

The story went on to say that City Lights is already available (as of last weekend) in St. Cloud and Duluth, and is planning on being available soon in the Twin Cities, as well. It didn't say if Rochester was on its radar, but I'm not holding my breath.

Just like I'm not holding my breath for New Glarus to suddenly expand to Minnesota, either. Oh, well. Despite my Wisconsin roots, I actually think there are almost MORE great craft brews available right here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. (But I'll still try a City Lights beer if I see it here in Minnesota!)

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