We all know that distracted driving is a huge problem, not only here in Minnesota but across the country. And, of course, Minnesota already has laws on the books that make it illegal to use your mobile device while behind the wheel. But will the Legislature pass a new hands-free cell phone bill this year too?

If you remember last year (and I didn't until I read THIS story from the Star Tribune), there was already a bill proposed that would have made it illegal to talk on your cellphone while behind the wheel in Minnesota unless you have a hands-free device, like a Bluetooth headset or something similar.

However, that bill (actually, two of them: House File 1180 and Senate File 837) fizzled, the story said, because the Legislature ran out of time and because some state lawmakers didn't think enough Minnesotans were passionate about the proposed law.

But, the story says, the issue is likely to come up again during this year's Legislative session, which starts Tuesday. And, it might be gaining steam this year.

"Momentum has been picking up over the past year for the measure to make Minnesota the 15th state, plus Washington, D.C., to outlaw drivers’ use of hand-held devices. Efforts in 2017 failed despite having widespread support from advocacy groups, law enforcement and Gov. Mark Dayton," the story noted.

I'm all for people actually concentrating on DRIVING while behind the wheel-- and for putting the phone down. But do we REALLY need this new law? How many people actually still TALK on the phone these days?!? And who uses those Bluetooth headsets anymore? Shouldn't we just concentrate on enforcing the Distracted Driving laws that are already on the books?

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