If you needed a reminder to slow down this winter, this will do it.

The Fon du Lac County Sheriff's Office shared very scary video footage on their Facebook page Tuesday, demonstrating a near-miss between an out-of-control car and one of their deputies.

In the video, the deputy is seen sprinting out of the way as a car loses control and almost slides into him. See the scary footage below:

The Fon du Lac County Sheriff's Office says they want this video to remind people to slow down, especially as we see winter weather often over the next few months.

Thankfully, the deputy moved out of the way fast enough to avoid a collision. However, the video is still a sobering reminder to take things easy behind the wheel when conditions are dangerous.

The Fon du Lac County Sheriff's Office elaborated on this in their post, writing "this video serves as a great example of people driving too fast for conditions and putting the life of a deputy at great risk. Unfortunately, this is an all too common event."

The video has gone viral since it was posted earlier this week. It has been shared thousands of times with hundreds of thousands of video views and counting.

Fon du Lac is located in Eastern Wisconsin.

I am thankful the deputy is okay. With winter weather seemingly not letting up any time soon, I hope this serves as a good reminder to everyone to slow down. We can all be better about that!

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