Giana Manzi wondered why her phone started blowing up Thursday with messages congratulating her on being named the new Twins manager... now she knows why.


Wrap your head around this scenario: It's an ordinary Thursday. You're sitting there at work when suddenly your phone starts going nuts with tons of texts from numbers you don't recognize, all of them congratulating you on being named the newest manager of the Minnesota Twins-- and you don't even live in Minnesota.

Wait, what?

That's what happened to Giana Manzi yesterday. This KARE-11 story explains how Giana, who lives in Rhode Island, was apparently given the same cell phone number the Twins' new manager, Rocco Baldelli, used to have. Both Giana and Baldelli are from Rhode Island, so she's thinking that's where their paths unknowingly crossed.

And when Baldelli was hired by the Twins Thursday, the story said, Giana's phone started blowing up with all sorts of texts and messages-- apparently from contacts who never got Baldelli's new number.

Giana, who says she's a Red Sox fan, congratulated the Twins and Baldelli on his new gig on Twitter yesterday saying, "You're getting a lot of congratulations texts to your old number this morning! I feel like an unofficial personal assistant."

She says she hasn't heard back from Baldelli just yet-- but she's giving him time, seeing as he's been "kind of busy lately," the story noted.

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