There are many women out there moving and shaking the ground in many different industries. Many male-dominated sports are starting to see females slowly get involved in them. I was one of the first females to play football in Colorado and it's great to see this trend on the climb. It's not always easy being a female trying to make it in a male's world, so that is why it warms my heart to hear stories like this one!

KTTC did an article on a female that broke ground in the "Open-Wheel Racing World." Tammy Clark from Rochester is an open-wheel modified racer who competed at Deer Creek Speedway over the weekend. According to the article, she has been competing for the past six years, but there aren't many other women out there doing the same. She said a few females are competing at Deer Creek Speedway, but they are in different divisions.

This sport not only takes skill... it also takes a lot of preparation when it comes to your car. Maintenance should be done routinely and when there is an accident, repairs must also be done immediately. There's a lot of time invested in this sport, both physically and mentally. Clark said in the article that she challenges anyone interested in trying it out to get involved. She is hoping to get one more race in before the end of the season.

It's so cool to see women making moves in industries such as that one. Hopefully, over the years we will see more female racers.

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