I can truly say in all my time watching HGTV and browsing the internet, I have never seen a home quite like this!

I was browsing Zillow yet again for fun after coming across a unique home on there earlier this month. I was not disappointed when I came across this listing that is quite frankly one of the coolest homes I have ever seen!

From the outside, you wouldn't think too much about the home. It is very cute but doesn't look grand or overly unique. Boy, are looks deceiving in this case.

This home is located in Brainerd, Minnesota at 5417 Trackview Road. That road name alone should give you a little insight into just what makes this home so special.

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It is on a race track! That's right. This home sits right along Brainerd International Raceway. This would be the perfect spot for any race car driver or car lover at that.

The grandiose home features neutral tones with pops of race car red in almost every room. It features a wet bar, observation deck on the third story and another great view from right outside the kitchen.

Not only that, but the home is perfect for those with a bunch of cars or collectibles. Why? It has a four-stall, two-story gallery garage. The massive garage has a designated spot for you to display your car. That's something you won't find just anywhere.

It also has a replica of a car dealership waiting room. By that I mean there are tables and a little mini drink space located right next to the garage. It makes you feel like you are waiting for an oil change but in the best way.

The home is about 4,200 square feet and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It is listed at just under $999,999 dollars. It is just a few years old, having been built in 2016.

The best part? The theme that the owners have going on throughout the whole house. Let's just say they really love cars and race cars at that. Plus, you won't have many neighbors, based on the bird's eye view of this unique and awesome home.

Take a tour of the property below:

Tour This Stunning Home Situated On Brainerd International Raceway

Located at 5417 Trackview Road in Brainerd, this two bedroom, two bathroom home sits on Brainerd International Raceway. Take a tour of this unique and gorgeous home made for car lovers everywhere.

Inside Brainerd, Minnesota's Most Unique Home

This home, which is valued at just under $200,000, is located in Brainerd, Minnesota. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one thing is for sure - it will make you smile. Guaranteed.

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