Not able to get the tickets you wanted to Taylor's Sept 1 show? You're in luck - Taylor's added another Minneapolis night on Friday, Aug. 31! And to make the show even better, Quick Country 96.5 wants to give you free tickets, courtesy of Messina Touring Group, to see her! We want to send someone who knows Taylor.

You know Taylor's reputation, but we want you to know her better. You know like how she was when she was fifteen or when she was 22. So to help you know her better, weekdays from 1/24 to 1/30 at noon, Quick Country 96.5 will post a new video all about Taylor right here. Watch the videos below and enter the code you see here to enter to win tickets.

If you want to make sure you get tickets to the new Aug. 31 show, you can buy your tickets here. Tickets go on sale for the Aug. 31 show on January 31.

To earn more chances to win, watch the video quizzes below - once you answer the questions, your result page will give you the code. Take that code and enter it here.

Check back at noon for the next videos, weekdays through Jan. 30:

Video 5 - January 30:

Video 4 - January 29:

Video 3 - January 26:

Video 2 - January 25:

Video 1 - January 24:

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