Yeah, you could say we're more than just a little bit addicted to our phones-- even when we're trying to get some rest and relaxation on vacation!

If you were hoping that heading out on vacation might get you (or your kids) to put down the smartphone, think again. According to this New York Post story, we'll check our phones 80 times a day, on average-- even when we're on vacation!

This study looked at 2,000 different participants and studied how much they use their smartphone. And, yeah, it turns out we use them a lot-- like 80 times a day, even when we're 'relaxing.' If you do the math, that's about 5-times an hour we're checking our phones while we're on vacation.

That's the average, though, so there are some people who check their phones way more while they're on holiday (as they say in England)-- some as much as 300 times a day, the study noted.

When I read that stat, my first reaction was pretty incredulous. Do we really NEED to be on our phones that much-- especially when we're trying to relax and recharge while on vacation?!?

But then I read a little more and it started to make more sense. We can do so much on our phones these days-- way more than just wasting time on social media, or check work emails (which is what I first thought we were doing when I read the article). The study said, though, that we're more likely to use our smartphones on vacation to do things like take a picture, get directions, find a place to eat, and check their flight information.

Which totally makes sense and probably adds up way faster than I was originally thinking it did-- even when you're on vacation!

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