Every now and again, it's cool to get off the highway and take the back roads-- because you see some interesting things!

Google Street View

My wife and I were heading up to meet some friends in Farmington over the weekend, so rather than take yet ANOTHER trip up good 'ol Highway-52, we decided to take a more scenic route.

So, we headed up Minnesota 57 through Kasson and Mantorville, and then took Minnesota 50 up to Minnesota 3, which took us right into Farmington.

Not having taken Minnesota 50 out of Hampton, I have to say, I was once again impressed by how beautiful our Minnesota landscape is! It was a gorgeous drive!

Google Street View

However, I was somewhat mystified by something we saw just outside Hampton, in the yard at Eilen and Sons Trucking. The sign says they also sell landscaping supplies, as well. Among the well-manicured lawn, there were several Vikings statues.,

I totally get those, but there was also a very tall statue of what appears to be a guy in a pair of yellow boxer shorts. This is what is puzzling to me-- what does this statue signify?

I was driving, so I couldn't take any pictures, and the ones I've posted here are from Google Street View, and they're not completely clear.

Have you seen this big statue? Do you know what it means?!?