You might have heard about Hunter Hayes and his attempt to break the Guinness World Record for most shows performed in different cities in 24 hours. He started it early Friday morning in New York on Good Morning America, and will end his tour early Saturday in Pennsylvania, playing 10 live shows in 10 cities within 24 hours. If successful, he'll break the record set by Flaming Lips, the rock band who in 2012 performed eight shows in 24 hours to steal the record away from Jay Z.


My friend and her coworker, getting ready to board Hunter's bus for his record-breaking tour.

Read all the details on Hunter's potentially-recording breaking tour HERE.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A former coworker of mine now works for Hunter's record label, Warner Music Nashville, and is accompanying Hunter on his record-breaking tour today and tomorrow. She says Hunter really IS just as nice as he appears - a fact backed up by the revelation that he's teamed up with ConAgra on this tour to raise money to end child hunger.

I hope he makes it - and I'm glad it's not me that has to stay up that long in one sitting! Go, Hunter, go!