Did you know May 1st National Law Day?  I confess, I did not. I did some quick research, and found that National Law Day was started by the American Bar Association to celebrate the law. And President Barack Obama, a lawyer, officially proclaimed today, May 1, 2014, as the day we celebrate the law. It doesn't sound as fun as St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo-- unless they pass a law that says we all get the day off on National Law Day...

Seeing as it IS National Law Day, I'm always amazed at some of the goofy laws we still have on the books. The news website, bringmethenews.com, has a list of some of the wacky laws here in Minnesota, and notes that Gov. Dayton would like this year's legislature to repeal some of the most ridiculous laws.

Bringmethenews.com notes strange laws like these:

It’s illegal to harbor a dirty threshing machine. It’s illegal to impersonate a straw inspector. And growing a barberry bush – even for recreational use – could land you in jail in Minnesota, according to the Session Weekly.

A Minnesota law from 1937 says it’s illegal to drive a car in neutral, according to FOX 9. Dayton wants to throw out the law because it’s impossible to drive a car in neutral.

Minnesota law states that if a wild boar escapes in Minneapolis or St. Paul, the Commissioner of Agriculture himself must go out and capture it, according to the Associated Press.


Suwandi Chandra Photography/Getty Images