Ever find yourself fascinated by what appears to be a very benign object? I was walking our dog Chance the other morning, and were just at the top of a very gentle hill in our neighborhood when I noticed an empty pop can that was rolling down the street right next to us.

It caught my attention because it was rolling along at pretty much the same speed Chance (who's a 35 pound Beagle mix) and I were walking.

Just WHO won the race: Me... or the can?

At times, it would surge ahead of us. Then, it would hit a bump in the road and appear to get caught up and knocked off its course, but eventually it would right itself and continue down the hill.

The can continued next to Chance and I for the better part of 5 minutes, and I found myself rooting for it as it continued on its journey down the hill-- and wondering just how far down it could go before it hit and obstacle and stopped.

Turns out, it finally stopped a few houses down when it hit a rock in the road and ended up sideways.  It was a good run while it lasted, though. And, I can say Chance and I won our odd little race... with a can!