The past weekend, my wife Katie and I and some friends had the opportunity to take in a painting class at Canvas And Chardonnay in downtown Rochester. Thanks to step-by-step instructions from instructor, Lisa (who's also the owner), we all left with our own version of Van Gogh's "Wheatfield With Cypresses." It was a blast-- and that's coming from a guy who has virtually no artistic bone in his body.  (Of course, the fact that you can have a glass of wine or a beer while you're painting makes it even better!)

Lisa describes classes at Canvas And Chardonnay this way: Classes are a fun and laid back group setting where an art instructor will guide you step-by-step replicating the evening’s featured painting. Absolutely no experience is necessary. We also serve beer and wine, play some great music, and have lots of fun! 

And, boy, is she right. We all had a great time as we worked on our own paintings Saturday afternoon. Classes are also a great group activity - there were two different bachelorette parties in our class. If you're looking for a very fun activity, be sure and call Canvas And Chardonnay and sign up for a class - you'll really enjoy it!

That's my Van Gogh-esque masterpiece on the right!