You've got to love how Facebook somehow pushes those lovely "suggested post" ads to your news feed. Supposedly, they have something to do with stories you've liked and/or clicked on. Which must mean Facebook wants me to dress better - but yet still be comfortable, if I'm to believe the suggested post that appeared on my feed yesterday for something called "dress pant sweatpants".

Yes, they're a real product-- sweatpants that are specifically made to look like dress pants. They're made by Betabrand, come in several different colors: gray, pinstriped and black. It's not a joke (as I thought it was at first). Apparently they ARE real. And comfortable, too - if you believe this story from CNN.  

I had no idea.  I also had no idea what they cost: $108 for the gray dress sweatpants. $108...for sweatpants?!? I don't think I've paid $108 in total for all the sweatpants I've ever owned!