Have you ever cost your company - or yourself - a lot of money, thanks to a mistake? Years ago, I had a t-shirt vendor misunderstand me and instead of ordering 300 t-shirts for around $1,000; he then ordered 1,000 t-shirts for me. That was a mistake of about $2,200! Thankfully, the vendor graciously took back the extra shirts I didn't actually order. That, however, is NOTHING compared to the damage caused by THIS guy.

Yes, here's video of a valet at a hotel in Monaco trying to rev the engine of a Lamborghini Aventador. Problem is he forgot the car was in gear, which then sent him right into the vehicle in front of him and managed to cause notable damage to the Lamborghini-- which retails for around $800,000.

Oops! Don’t you just hate when bad things happen to something as amazing as a Lamborghini? And lucky for him the whole thing was on video, so he can’t deny he did it. I'm guessing he might be the world's worst valet since this guy.