My wife and I joined my brother and my nephew to take my dad to his first game at Target Field Thursday, as the Brewers and the Twins wrapped up their only interleague series of the year. (The Brewers won Thursday's game 8-5, and split the series with the Twins 2-2.)  While last night wasn't my first trip to Target Field, I did learn something: Don't try to take a beer into section 310!

The view from the 'Our Family' section at Target Field-- note there's no alcohol in the picture!

Yes, apparently section 310 is Target Field's 'Our Family' section, and even though there aren't any signs posted or any notations on the ticket, one cannot bring any alcohol with  you to your seat in 310.  I found that out from the rather stern Target Field usher (that's him, in the picture to the left), after we'd made our way BACK to our seats (after waiting for the current batter to finish  his at-bat, of course-- which was also mandated by the usher) along with my Kramarczuk's bratwurst.  Families apparently don't enjoy a frosty, cold one with their bratwurst or hot dog when they're at Target Field-- at least not in the 'Our Family' section, anyway.

Luckily, our seats weren't too far away from the 2 Gingers Pub, where an open table greeted my wife and I and invited us to set down our cold mugs of beer so we could eat our ballpark dinner.  (Ever try to eat a Kramarczuk's brat, loaded with kraut, onions and mustard with just one hand? It can't be done. You pretty much HAVE to set your beverage down and use both hands.)

Overall, it was a nice night, but next time, I think I'll make sure our tickets aren't located in the 'Our Family' section-- now that I'm aware that it even exists, that is.