Just in time for Father's Day comes the story of Randy the guinea pig. Randy lives on a northern England hobby farm, and just happened to escape the male-only enclosure where he usually was kept. Guess where he went?  That's right, he went right over to the females' enclosure -- and guess what he did when he got there?

Pyza / Puchikumo / Getty Images

Nobody knows just how long 'Randy' (so-named because of his adventures with all the female guinea pigs) was in the female enclosure before he was discovered. Farm officials believe, though, he might have been able to get around 100 female guinea pigs pregnant!  Each one has roughly four pigs in a litter, so Randy looks to be a dad -- about 400 times over -- later this summer!

At least this increases his chances of getting a decent Father's Day present in the years to come...

The Metro ran the original story.