We've certainly got friends and neighbors of German descent in Rochester! However, you don't need to be "German" to enjoy Oktoberfest - one of the best cultural exports Germany has to offer.

Speaking of those of German ancestry, here's a fun fact I learned: The median annual income for German-American households in the US is $67,306. Some of that money is definitely spent on Oktoberfest each fall! To be specific, it just might've been spent on the 1.98 million gallons of beer we consume during Oktoberfest in Munich! 14% of visitors attending the original Oktoberfest in Munich are from the US.

Charity Lunch At 'Zur Bratwurst' - Oktoberfest 2017
Getty Images: Hannes Magerstaedt / Stringer

Minnesota gets in on the celebration too! In fact, southeast Minnesota really knows how to do Oktoberfest. We've got our pick of plenty of "fests" to check out. Here's a few you'll enjoy this year:

  • New Ulm: It really is one of the best in the nation!
  • Rochester: Looking for something a little smaller, held during the work week? TONS of tasty samples downtown! This event is free.
  • LaCrosse: Raise a stein! This is a BIG event!
  • Minneapolis: Want true traditional German beer? Go here.

Which fest looks best to you this year?

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