The big day is coming, despite what the weather forecast says. Minnesota's firearms deer hunting opener is Saturday, November 6. Temperatures across southern Minnesota might peak in the 60's. Even Up North highs will be in the upper 40's. No snow for tracking this year. At least not yet.

"A safe and enjoyable hunt starts with good preparation," says Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Commissioner Sarah Strommen. "To assist hunters with that preparation, we've put a wealth of general and area-specific information on our website. We hope these tools contribute to a safe and successful deer season with family and friends."

DO buy a license. You can get one online, over the phone, or in-person.

DON'T break the rules. Be sure you know the regulations for your deer permit area.

DO get your deer tested for chronic wasting disease if you are hunting in certain CWD control or management zones.

DON'T forget to line up a processing facility. Some places may have different policies on accepting deer. Check with them ahead of time.

DO have a good time and be safe. Director of DNR Enforcement Rodmen Smith urges, "Our goal is that every hunter make it home safely at the end of every hunt. That doesn't happen by chance; it happnes when all hunters understand what's at stake when they head out for the day."

Whether you are hunting or just driving down the road, you'll want to check out these ways to avoid hitting a deer with your car!

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