Veterans Day is this Friday! I love getting ready to honor them, and try to imagine their experiences, by watching some classic patriotic movies. Which ones are your favorite? Here are five movies to watch, to get in the Veterans Day spirit.

1) The Patriot (2000)

I love this movie for two reasons: payback moments like this one, and Heath Ledger!


2) Saving Private Ryan (1998)


Can Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) seriously be my boss somehow someday!? This is a story of men going the extra mile because it's the right thing to do.


3) Black Hawk Down (2001)


Leave no man behind is right! What a cool look into a mission gone haywire, that bonded some extraordinary men.


4) Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)


Need a Robin Williams fix? This is one if his best! Bonus: you'll get some insight into the radio world too!


5) American Sniper (2014)

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

This movie takes a very close look at how hard life as an army vet can be. Remember Chris Kyle? It's an incredible story.

Will you watch any of these movies this week? How many have you seen already?

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