Are you ready for this year's Polar Plunge to hit Rochester? We're going to help make sure that you are!

You probably have heard by now that I, Val, am indeed jumping this Saturday! Are you jumping too? I've never been part of a Polar Plunge before, and I'm super excited to help out Special Olympics. Since I've never done a plunge before, I couldn't help but ask, "what in the world do I wear!!?" It didn't take too long to get an answer on that.

Here are some ways you can be prepared, when it comes to attire.


1. Dress up, and have fun with it!

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That's right! Feel free to rock an insane costume! I might break out my Viking hat!!


2. Try not to layer clothing when you're in the water.

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Think about it: when you're wet, you'd hate to have an unnecessary amount of wet clothes clinging to you when you're out of the water, right?



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Not trying to play "mom" here, but let's be honest - you're going to want as many towels as possible around if you're jumping.


4. Appropriate shoes.

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We're jumping in a lake after all! To prevent cuts or bruises, it's probably best to wear shoes that will protect you. Just in case. Boots, water shoes, etc...



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How many of the dry clothes will you want at your disposal after jumping? ALL OF THE DRY CLOTHES. Be sure to bring a bag that will carry the clothes you arrived in, and another bag carrying another set of dry clothes for after the plunge.

That's my advice! Then again, what do I know? I'm a newbie! These ones just seemed logical to me. Watch me jump with James Rabe of Y105-FM and the Ice Ice Babies this Saturday!