Last week was an interesting week for students and staff at Rochester Public Schools.  If you missed it, kids were stealing some essentials, like soap and toilet paper (and I'll say it, they were committing crimes in our schools) thanks to a TikTok challenge. While all of the stealing was happening, COVID numbers continued to rise and the number of positive cases within the district went from 39 the week before to 92 during the week of September 13th to 19th.  25 schools and/or departments are now impacted in our district.  You can see a more detailed breakdown below.

COVID data for Rochester Public Schools for the week of September 13th - 19th

If you are a parent with kids at Rochester Public Schools, you may want to bookmark the COVID-19 Dashboard for Rochester Public Schools.  This site is being updated weekly and is basically a snapshot of how many COVID cases the schools are experiencing.  Here's a rundown of where things are out after the third week of school:

Data for the week of September 13th - 19th:

The number of positive cases dipped down during the second week of school to 80% that were among unvaccinated individuals.  Unfortunately, there was an increase last week and that number is now at 82.6%.

According to the dashboard, the following schools reported new COVID cases the first week of school.  Also included on the list are Operations/Transportation and Birth-3 programming.

See the full report and the archive from the school year here.

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