We've all been preparing for the incoming friends and relatives we're spending Thanksgiving with! Need some tips on how to make for a pleasant day? Here are five good ways to be a good Thanksgiving house guest wherever you're spending Thanksgiving this year.



1) Be on time.

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Cooking is really centered around timing, and since this is a holiday centered around food, if your host is asking you to be present somewhere at a certain time they probably have a reason for it. Be nice and honor them.


2) No surprises.

A lot of planning goes into the meal, and the whole day really. Make a plan and stick with it. Got a last minute addition to the guest list? Check with the host first! This eliminates anxiety for the host, and makes you feel like you're on the same page.


3) Avoid politics.

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A lot of us feel very passionately about this year's election. Regardless of who you supported, half the room is likely to disagree with you. Let's avoid any arguments, and consider a "politics free zone" so that everyone is comfortable.


4) Consider pets.


Does anyone have an allergy to dogs or cats? Worried about Fido stealing some of that Thanksgiving turkey? Talk to the host. They may realize it might be best if pets are housed elsewhere for the day. However, if you're cool with dogs and cats - have fun with the pet that's in the home!


5) A "thank you" goes a long way.

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A "thank you" to the host is always in style! ;-)


Did these tips work for you? Let us know below!

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