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Sure, we've all been enjoying this usually warm, sunny weather in Minnesota in December, but what does it mean for our chances at a white Christmas this year?

Mother Nature seems to be as flummoxed by 2020 as the rest of us. We had really cold, snowy weather back in... October (remember that?)... but now that it's December, we get nothing but sunny days with unusually warm temperatures. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but, it DOES make me a little confused-- it seems more like early November than it does December, doesn't it? Isn't Thanksgiving next week?

The weather we've been having this week in Minnesota is expected to last through NEXT week as well, according to the latest forecast estimates from the National Weather Service in La Crosse. When our normal high for the first week of December is closer to 31, we could see a high closer to 50 by Wednesday of next week.

longtime Twin Cities meteorologist Paul Douglas a little nervous about our chance for a white Christmas this year, as he posted on his Twitter page on November 28th.

However, because this IS
Minnesota (where Old Man Winter can usually be counted on to even things up sooner or later), this warm, sunny pattern is showing signs of changing by late next week. In fact, Paul Tweeted an update earlier this week that calls for colder temps later in December-- and maybe a little snow too. And, Paul pointed out that even though we don't have any snow now, 66 percent of the time in Minnesota, we'll still have a white Christmas.    

Speaking of history, even if we USUALLY have a white Christmas in Minnesota, it's not necessarily ALWAYS the case. There HAVE been years when it hasn't snowed. Keep scrolling to check out what Christmas looked like in the past-- even back to the year you were born!

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