It is a soap with a hint of Busch Beer.

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We've seen Busch Beer Dog Brew, and now you can even have Busch Beer with your soap the next time you take a shower.

Duke Cannon has created a soap that contains actual Busch Beer inside of the soap. Duke Cannon says that the antioxidants help clean the skin. Yet, would you worry about smelling like ice-cold Busch Beer after stepping out of the shower? Don't worry your co-workers won't even know that your soap contains any beer as the soap doesn't have that distinct smell.

According to Duke Cannon's website, they add a hint of Busch Beer to the sandalwood soap so users can smell fantastic.

"Duke Cannon's idea of charcuterie is a plate of beef sticks with a bowl of flavored tortilla chips. And then washing it down with a cold, crisp Busch Beer. And then washing that Busch Beer down with a refreshing shower that includes Busch Beer.


You see, we added a hint of Busch Beer to this sandalwood soap so you can smell as clear and bright as mountain air. Head for the mountains of Busch Beer Soap."

One bar of soap costs $9.50, which is a small price to pay to go and tell all of your friends your soap contains Busch Beer. It is not your traditional shower beer but might be worth a shot.


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