Dear Rochester, As a newcomer to Rochester, this will only confuse me. I'm hoping this decision is vetoed.

As a newcomer to Rochester, this will only confuse me. I'm just getting used to the first name you gave this newly renovated convention center!

You may have heard that Mayo Civic Center may be undergoing a name change. In fact, this topic has already been discussed further. The Post Bulletin explains, "The Mayo Civic Center Commission voted unanimously to recommend changing the name to Rochester Convention and Event Center, with plans to include 'MN' when the name is used outside the region."

photo by Kim David/Townsquare Media
photo by Kim David/Townsquare Media

I understand that the largest concern here is the potential for confusing this building as being closely connected to Mayo Clinic. Patients may miss appointments due to said confusion.

However, I'm going to suggest the opposite approach. People can get lost in this city no matter what the building is labeled. Why not connect it to Mayo somehow? It's a huge part of Rochester's identity. Doing this would also prevent a need for specifying our location with "MN" as part of the name too. Which, personally, I think should be unnecessary.

I read in the Post Bulletin that four other name options were considered for this building too. They are, "Minnesota Center — Rochester, MN; Rochester, MN Center; Waterfront Center — Rochester, MN; and Waterfront Convention and Event Center — Rochester, MN." I'm not so sure that any of these (voted on via a survey) are better. If I had to choose one, I'd suggest The Waterfront Center.

I beg you, please don't confuse me further! I've gotten used to the original name. Can't we all find a compromise?



Someone who's been to many Mayo Civic Center events.

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