A restaurant in Apple Valley, VIVO Kitchen, was planning on closings its doors permanently on Sunday but those plans had to change. An angry mob showed up at the restaurant on Wednesday demanding gift card refunds which forced VIVO to close up for good on Wednesday.

Bring Me the News reports that a group of about 30 people showed up at VIVO "'pounding on windows, trying to get inside, and buzzing the service entrance'". The police were called to the scene but they said when they got there the mob had mostly dispersed.

At the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, VIVO adapted with a modified menu and offered take out "with a small and committed team" as VIVO's executive director Jeff Mould said. The reason that VIVO decided to close was because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Jeff mentioned that "challenges brought on by COVID-19 were too much for the restaurant" and that the restaurant "seats 400, meaning it can’t survive at limited capacity".

VIVO has since posted information about how to get a refund for un-used gift cards. They have all of the details on their website. And at the top of their website, it makes the sad announcement: "VIVO Kitchen is Now Closed - VIVO Kitchen closed permanently on May 20th."

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