It's been well over a month since our last snowstorm, but even with above-average temperatures this spring there's still a ton of evidence of winter left over at one particular spot within the city.

I don't make it over to Silver Lake Park too often, but after talking to a coworker back on Friday about a recent walk she took and what she saw across the street from the skate board park on 7th street northeast, I had to go see it for myself because I had a hard time believing what she was telling me. From her account, she told me she had spotted an abundance of snow still intact along the trail that hadn't melted yet. So as I was running errands yesterday, I made a special trip over there to see it for myself.

From the road it looks like a giant mountain of dirt, but tucked just behind a thin line of trees is a massive snow pile that stands around 15-20 feet high! It was also a bit breezy Sunday, so as I got closer to take these pictures it was honestly much colder than I expected it to be in that spot as well! Just check out some of the pictures I took below:

The city put most, if not all lot of it there but it's still crazy to think that after this recent stretch of beautiful weather we've had so far this month that it would still be standing tall like it is... however with a much cooler and rainier forecast this week, I'm sure that will help prolong it a little bit more. So if you happen to be walking by or enjoying Silver Lake Park over Memorial Day weekend this week, be sure and check it out for yourself because it's pretty impressive.

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