I'm not going to lie, I didn't know what Rodney's reaction would be - but his answer turned out to be hilarious! JB, one of our head honchos at Quick Country 96.5, said "we're going to have a little fun" with our Rodney Atkins photo.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester


"I'm not sure JB, what are you thinking?" I asked/cautioned. To my suprise, Rodney answered JB's question when it was our turn for a photo! JB asked, "What's your favorite 80's movie?" Rodney paused and thought about it. He said, "Field Of Dreams, I guess." With that! We turned his favorite 80's movie (before you Google it, it's from 1989) into a photo!

In case you couldn't tell, we're holding baseball bats! Although, Rodney teased me about my pose, saying, "She's doing The Shining right there!" LOL!!!

Seriously, we had the best time with the super nice Rodney Atkins! He put on a fabulous show at Harvest Jam! If you scored a meet and greet too, send us an e-mail for your photo here.

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