Ladies (or guys...), we all know Rodney Atkins is a handsome dude.

47th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals
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That's only one reason you'd want to meet him though. Think about the cool questions you'd be able to ask him if you met. You could ask him about the inspiration for his songs, what his home life is like, how his son Elijah is, how he likes Minnesota... the possibilities are endless!

Quick Country 96.5 would like to give you that opportunity. Join my "pack" ! Let's meet Rodney Atkins before he gets sweaty (when he takes the Harvest Jam stage)! I'm going to play the "Cue To Call" all this week, when you hear it, be caller ten, and you're in the running for the meet and greet! I'll choose one person to meet Rodney, with me, at Harvest Jam, on Friday afternoon during Afternoons With Val. If you're not chosen for the meet and greet, don't worry - if you're "in the running" you still get Harvest Jam tickets.

Sound good? Let's do this!

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