This is too funny! Carrie Underwood visited Ellen today, and unleashed a scream that could only be described as ear-shattering! How did it happen? Ellen arranged for a man to pop out of a box (dressed like her hubby Mike Fisher!) and scream, and this got Carrie good!

The best part about this, is that it's almost like Carrie was afraid of her own husband! haha! Clearly she's not, but the idea of it is funny!

During the episode, Ellen also started a rumor about Carrie. Word on the street is, she can do an amazing chicken dance - but when Ellen asked her about it, she was surprised. She said, "I do? I don't do a chicken dance." Then, magic! Carrie did a dance anyway, because if anyone can get you to do one - it's Ellen! LOL!

Did you enjoy the episode too? I hope we see more country stars on Ellens soon!


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