It seems like forever ago the Rochester Downtown Alliance announced a new Clean and Safe Ambassador program. They contracted with a company to have Safe and Clean Ambassadors downtown, but Covid-19 tossed those plans up on the shelf.

Now, they've been UN-shelved, and the CLEAN portion of the Clean and Safe program is going to start soon. Here's the lowdown from the RDA -

Starting July 1st cleaning ambassadors will provide daily services within RDA’s 44-block special service district. Cleaning ambassadors will focus on sanitizing high touch areas of public spaces like door handles, garbage can lids, and benches. Additional cleaning services will include power washing sidewalks, picking up litter, pulling weeds, and removing graffiti. With the help of ambassadors, RDA will be able to offer additional seating, horticulture, sanitization stations, and other passive program opportunities in downtown’s public spaces.

The program is in collaboration with Block by Block, a company that provides cleaning, safety, and hospitality services for downtown districts.

“As downtown reopens for business and begins welcoming customers, guests, and Mayo clinic patients again, it is vital that we provide visible and impactful cleaning efforts to build confidence in the safety of our downtown environment,” said Holly Masek, executive director of the Rochester Downtown Alliance.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

According to a press release by the RDA, "The Clean and Safe Ambassador Program will be supported by the RDA’s special service district members, as well as additional funding from Mayo Clinic, the City of Rochester, and Destination Medical Center."

Block by Block is currently hiring safety associates for the program. You can view the job description here.

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