Target announced that they will be adding a Disney Store at Target in over 100 Target locations across the country. They plan to have these done by the holiday shopping season (smart) but as of writing this post, they don't have an official list of which Targets will be getting the Disney Store at Target. But I have a theory that Rochester's Target North could be on the list.

What is the Disney Store at Target

At the Disney Stores at Target, it's like what HyVee has with their clothing section, it's a small area of Target that's dedicated to just Disney stuff. There are clothes, back-to-school stuff, toys. But right now only 53 Target locations across the country have this Disney Store at Target, and two are in Minnesota.

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Minnesota Targets that Have a Disney Store

The two Minnesota Targets that have the Disney Store inside are the Maple Grove North location (15300 Grove Circle N, Maple Grove) and the East St. Paul location (1744 Suburban Ave, St. Paul). I'm sure all parents are hoping that more Minnesota Targets will get a Disney Store soon. Or actually... maybe parents DON'T want this because it's one more thing to try and drag your kids away from while out shopping...

Why I Think Rochester's Target North Might Get a Disney Store at Target

The official list of the Target stores getting a Disney Store has not been released yet, but I have a theory that Target North is on the list. That's solely based on the fact that Target North is already under construction so why not toss in the Disney Store at the same time? The crew is already there, the work is already being done, I feel like it would be a money saver too. So that's my theory! We'll see if a Disney Store at Target really does come to Rochester or not.

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