If you've got an iPhone, you probably also noticed that you're being forced to update your software to iOS10.

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It caught me by surprise this morning, and right away I noticed a lot of things were different.

Firstly, the new sound for the keyboard clicks is pretty cool! I also like the new look of notifications, emails and the song display when you've got your music tab open. What's annoying me though, is the fact that you now have to hit your "home" button to "unlock" your phone and show your home screen. That's going to take some getting used to!

I posted about it on my personal Facebook page. Curt St. John chimed in too, saying, "The iOS 10 stopwatch looks cool-- and I like the new lock sound!" I agree with him. I love the look of everything, I just wish it were more user friendly.

If you need a way to get around some of this, check out some tips here.

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